After the war, almost by chance, Alfonso Sansone (1924-2015) starts to produce documentary films with his brother Agostino and moves from Palermo to Rome, the city of film.

Thanks to Citto Maselli, he comes into contact with Henryk Chroscicki, an Australian young man of Polish origin, who is in Rome to attend the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental Cinematography Centre).

Henryk and Alfonso become friends and start dreaming of the films they would like to make.

They set up the ATC company through which they rent out film equipment to production companies and in France they buy the licence to create the anamorphic lens renamed Totalscope.

Afterwards, they become producers and establish the Sancro Film production company, whose name is an acronym for their surnames: Sansone and Chroscicki.

Their production company ensures the success of numerous directors such as the Taviani brothers and Ferreri. After the film El Cochecito (The Little Coach), they start a fruitful collaboration with Ferreri.

Sancro Film also produces western films by involving Hollywood stars like Telly Savalas, James Coburn, John Phillip Law and Lee Van Cleef.

Alfonso and Henryk become two well-known producers; they work with Rizzoli, Lombardo, Ponti, Levine and many others.

After the hard times, there come the prosperous times.

Years later, when the Sancro Film company closes down, Sansone begins to distribute art house films and brings the works by Jodorowsky, Wenders, Fassbinder, Herzog and Rohmer to Italy.

Chroscicki continues to deal with technical equipment by setting up Cosmovision and, subsequently, Technovision. He also collaborates with Francis Ford Coppola in Apocalypse Now.

That is their story… that is the story of a film industry that does not exist any longer.

Directed by Claudio Costa

With: Franco Avenia, Harald Buggenig, Guido Fiandra, Ingrid Lill Høgtun,  Francesco Maselli, Helen Pringle, Agostino Sansone, Alfonso Sansone, Giancarlo Santi, Vittorio Taviani, Giorgio Urbinelli and Tonino Valerii.


(Traslated by Gabriella Massaro)


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